Stella’s Story

Stella, a young Bulldog mix, went missing May 16th in unfamiliar territory while staying with friends near Conn ON. This very skittish beauty just took off like a bullet, late evening, and not surprisingly, couldn’t be located.

Her owners reached out to us and we went to work with them, putting posters up & flyering a large area, searching & tracking. Within 24hrs of posters being up, a sighting was reported! But by the time anyone got on site, she had retreated deep into forest/bush. Knowing how scared of humans she was, we kept our activities quiet as a crowd would have pushed her out into danger. Stella was seen twice running the Hwy 89 centreline!! One of those times was by our team member Shayne & husband, who intercepted her and luckily caused her to run off the highway into a property. That’s where our first trapping attempt occurred, but she was already long gone into the safety of the bush.

So we continued to track, and Kayla got a call where she’d been sighted 24hrs prior, so we set surveillance to see if she was still around. She wasn’t.

This girl was on the move, never settling anywhere, in an area with very few eyes to watch for her. There were also hunters in the area, shots were heard very close to where searching was, certainly a safety concern for everyone & Stella also.

We figured she’d try to head back to the area she was lost from, and she did just that. The call came in, she’d been seen, but spooked off by farming activities and ran along a tree line.

We were close by so rushed to the area, set our trap quickly, and in less than 2hrs she went for the bait!

Kayla & Nairn went through 8 days of uncertainty & worry, not knowing if she was ok, totally consumed with finding her, while caring for their baby & juggling life. They worked very hard with us every step of the way, and we are so thrilled for them!!

Stella appeared to be just fine, other than a bit of weight loss & red spots on her tummy. She ran roughly 15-20kms total out there. She’s one very lucky girl!

This was a full team effort, and we want to sincerely thank Don & Henry for letting us set equipment on their grounds, and Leslie for offering hers as needed. We are very grateful.

Thank you also to everyone in the area who watched for her & called in sightings.