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Mickey's Story

On May 11th, Mickey became lost in unfamiliar territory up in Craigleith, when he was spooked by another dog & took off!

His owner Gale went looking for him with friends. Mickey was often spotted but wouldn’t come to anyone. And then sightings stopped.

Up went large neon signs all over, bringing more sightings...he ended up at the Blue Mountain Resort, where all the restaurants are. Smart boy.😅

But no way to catch him there due too busy, although we tried. He got out of there & returned back up to Craigleith, and had a large loop. Part of his route included the Alpine Ski Club, so we set a trap there to see if he’d come.

We also set a feed station in an area we felt was right, and he eventually showed up.

So we set a trap next day.

It took him another week to come back, but when he did, it didn’t take him long to go for the yummy stuff in the trap. Finally, he was safe! Woohoo!

The story could just end here with the highlights, but we want you to know that this was an enormous effort & a lot of work. Gale had to travel to the area daily to re-bait traps, install signage, and follow up on sightings while juggling life. Recovering your lost dog can literally take over your life, and it sure did Gale’s. She was absolutely outstanding throughout, very focused & determined. It sure paid off! ☺️

Terrific partnership spelled success.

We wish to sincerely thank the communities who called in sightings, the Alpine Ski Club for granting us full access to their grounds, and Gale’s friends for being so helpful & supportive. Special thanks to our friend Jodie for springing to action and getting to Mickey right away while we & Gale were on our way there.😍

Mickey’s 16 days adventure is over, and we’re totally stoked for Gale to have her best friend back!❤️❤️

Welcome back home Mickey!🐾

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