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Mickey the Shih Poo's Story

Mickey, a 2yrs old Shih Poo, went missing in the town of Simcoe on August 29th, 2017 at 6pm. He escaped while in the care of a family member, through a gap of the fence/gate area. Mickey took to a conservation trail nearby and off he went! He ran on Hwy 24, and nearly got hit, but Heather stopped traffic and tried to catch him to no avail. He was subsequently seen at a church, Rona and several homes. Liane, a wonderful friend of ours from the area, took this case on, and connected with us so we could assist. We lent a trap, which was set near a trail where he had been seen, and the family monitored. We also coached Mandy on how to lure him, but it didn't pan out. We went down and laid a second trap in a bean field adjacent to Hwy 24, where he had been seen trying to cross it earlier. We heard him while setting up, so acted quickly & quietly. We had him within an hour! 😊

His journey took him approx 3kms away and spanned 10 days. He's a very lucky boy, and we are thrilled that he is finally safe! What truly worked in the end was keeping the area clear of human activity and quiet. Liane did a great job, was a pleasure to work with!

His owner Katie wishes to thank Pam, Bryan and family, Jeff & Julie, Allison, Melanie & family, Janet & Carl, Robert & AJ, and her grandparents Alan & Jeannette Jones for their support & assistance.💚

Special thanks goes to Kim & Brad for spotting him, stopping him crossing dangerous Hwy 24 and Lisa for allowing us access to the field.

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