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Luring Process for skittish Dog (Video demonstration)

Luring a shy skittish dog is the most gentle and rewarding way of securing. The process is grounded in building & establishing trust . But it requires a quiet area devoid of distractions (including other people interfering), time, patience, and the ability to properly understand the dog's body language. It also takes a calm & persistent person. The same holds true for owners, as once a lost dog's brain switches to its survival instincts, most dogs will not readily come to their owners the way they normally do.

It's not personal, and once the dog is secured, they will revert back to their normal self fairly quickly in most cases.

Before you start this process, please ensure you are well prepared by:

- wearing proper attire for the weather, keeping in mind it could take hours

- having plenty of food with you & a leash (only feed very small amounts)

- having spotters who can quietly sit in their vehicles & intercept folks who may inadvertently or intentionally interfere; spotters are there to protect perimeters

- ensuring your personal safety at all times by selecting an appropriate area to do this

- breathe, and stay calm throughout this process, it matters more than you think

This video is an edited compilation of over 7hrs of luring, in the rain no less. The young lady is Haylee (16yrs old), who did a phenomenal job, under our guidance & that of her mom Ashley. It is a great way to visually understand "from the dog's point of view", and see the progression from trust to happy ending. Yes, the dog was hand secured safely! Not every dog will take hours, each case is different; but in general, the more skittish the dog is, and the less bonded it is with someone, the longer it will likely take.

*** If you are trying to hand secure a scared skittish dog, understand that there is a risk involved. It's possible the dog may try to bite you out of fear if you rush the process or at moment of capture. If the luring process is too daunting or not possible, please reach out to us for next best steps based on your particular case. ***

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