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Lost Dog Posters

Simple & effective signage/posters are critical to a dog search, and even more so now with current social distancing protocols. There are different ways to make them, here we show you what has worked the best and lasted the longest. Size matters, and it's important to understand the difference between flyers & posters. We hope this will help owners of lost dogs out there. Feel free to share this with anyone who will benefit from it.

Please remember that placement is also vital, and your signs should face your target audience (drivers, pedestrians...etc), and be at their eye level. You want to make it easy for folks to see your lost dog info. Also, verify your local by-laws prior to installing, and never put posters on Stop signs or other road signs.

P.S. This video was made prior COVID-19 physical restrictions.

Thank you so much to James & Miranda O'Connor of The Art of Storytelling, for putting this together for us.

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