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Lola's Story

Never underestimate the little ones, or give up too soon! They are resilient and very resourceful! Case in point: Lola

Lola went missing in Owen Sound Sept 4th 2020, while on a vet visit. A staff member took her outside to collect a urine sample, she got startled by a loud vehicle, slipped her collar & took off running! This kick started a 15 day ordeal to locate and secure this super skittish Shih Tzu mix. Lola was scared, fast, and in full flight mode. She avoided people & hid well.

Her owners Sandy & Andy are seniors, limited in terms of physical help, and were extremely worried about her. Their daughter Nicole & husband Ray took on management of information, social media, quickly put together hand made posters and installed them, and went searching in earnest. And they called us too.

So we went up to search, track, and provided guidance along the way. The vet clinic staff was also hands on, ordered 50 colourplast signs & installed them, and searched when they could. The community also got very involved, and searched areas she’d initially been seen near. Lola skipped the busy area for some time, and ended up presumably seen near Brooke neighbourhoods. Then sightings went dry for several days..until Darryl called to report a matching dog on his work property. She was back to the area she went missing from initially!

At this point we felt that Lola would not go readily to someone, she’d likely have to be humanely trapped. We needed this area quiet, and for everyone to ignore her. So we planned it out, set two traps, and monitored them on site for 38hrs straight. We caught her on Sept 19th just before 10am, and she looked ok!

Lola was then quickly whisked to the vet clinic, she’d lost 6lbs, but seemed otherwise unscathed from her adventure. She was then taken home to reunite with Andy at last; but unfortunately Sandy wasn’t there to see her baby, as she is currently in hospital awaiting a medical procedure. Sandy, we are thinking of you and have no doubt you can’t wait to see Lola again. Please stay well.

Huge thanks are in order to Bluewater Ltd for giving us full access to their grounds and their staff for their cooperation, to the vet clinic for following all recommendations, to Peggy Lee Fletcher for her assistance & being our gatekeeper today (), to “Lola’s Angels” Amanda Steffler & Darlene Parker and her daughter, to the entire community of Owen Sound for supporting the family & watching for Lola, and most of all, thank you to Lola’s family for their trust. It was great working with you all!

Stay safe Lola, and welcome back home!

PS: some of video clips of Lola’s movements were sped up to shorten our video story, but meant to show how dogs like Lola behave during trapping efforts

PPS: please do not bash the vet clinic, they had never experienced losing a dog before, were very cooperative and are implementing good solutions so there is never another repeat incident

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