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Kenny’s Story

If you live in Orangeville ON or travel through it, you had probably noticed posters of a Lost dog all over town for several months. Kenny, an international rescue dog went missing March 28th 2017, when he slipped out of the house. There were numerous sightings and umpteen attempts to capture him, to no avail. We were contacted and asked to assist. Kenny was trap averse, and this included large enclosures as well. He took residence on a private property in East Garafraxa, and made himself at home. His owner Marla worked day and night to keep him safe and fed, while we prepped for his capture. This was going to require a different approach, as he was extremely aware of everything, any changes, and very street smart. Kenny was in charge!

With permission from property owners, we set up our drop net trap on July 15th. This is a high tech system developed by a wildlife biologist that's designed to humanely & safely live catch animals of all sizes. We had to condition him to feed under the net, before any capture attempt was made. He was very suspicious at first, but Marla did a great job and got him where we needed him fairly quickly. The property owners wanted Animal Control's involvement, as Kenny was technically a stray, and called upon Olympus K9 for assistance as well. It was a great partnership, encompassing the right equipment & expertise on both sides. We finally secured him, and it went very well. Kenny is now safe, and we are thrilled to have been part of his recovery. Thank you so much to Christine and Barb, for trusting us with full access to their properties, to Pando Stepanis owner/operator of Olympus K9 and his staff members Debbie & Clint, to the entire community of Orangeville for their support, and to Marla for never giving up on this beautiful boy ❤️❤️ 143 days missing!


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