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Dreama’s Story

This beauty named Dreama went missing June 27th in Erin ON. Shortly after intake at the Upper Credit Humane Society, she scaled the fence and was gone!

She ended up looping a full concession not too far, and was seen fairly regularly throughout. We followed her movements, to determine best spot for our trap. All the folks throughout the area were really great, and very cooperative. Her denning spot was discovered, and close to it is where we ended up securing her in our pen trap.

22 long days on the run for this girl, who was too scared to approach anyone. We are relieved she is back at Upper Credit, where she is receiving care for her hind leg, and slowly regaining some of the weight she lost. Dreama’s injury turned out to be a dislocated hip. She had surgery and it went very well! She fully recovered at the shelter.

A good rescue able to take her has not been possible, so this girl is still looking for the right home. It's what she needs & totally deserves. Please contact Upper Credit Humane Society if you are interested in adopting this very special girl.

We must state how impressed we were with Angela of Upper Credit, who worked very closely with us throughout this process. Upon capture, she was the first to arrive, and quickly calmed Dreama down. She did everything right, so important!

Thank you to everyone in the area who reported sightings, and to residents who granted us full access to their grounds.

Dreama, your new life awaits!

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