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Bella’s Story

A full week of running the fields in unfamiliar territory, and she’s now home.

Here’s Bella’s story.

This pretty young girl had just been rehomed, and bolted out of her new home in Amaranth ON within 2hrs of arrival. She took off all over the countryside covering a 3kms radius initially. Bella was very skittish & wanted nothing to do with anyone.

We quickly assembled a core team & tracked her movements practically 24/7; we also watched coyotes & human activity, to plot best plan to safely secure her. Challenge after challenge, we kept at it...terrain, weather, people trying to catch her & calling her out (made her bolt every time), daytime coyote activity and other circumstances made this search quite difficult at times. Given the vastness of territory & her retreating far into fields regularly, we needed to help her narrow down to an attainable area where she’d feel safe. Part of our job was to protect that area to keep her in it.

Luring far into the field was attempted, but within 50’ was as close as it got. A trap was set on private property, along with a feeding station in another spot. Her original owner James also attempted to lure her early on, using her brother dog Bosco, but it didn’t pan out.

She went into the trap on a night it was unarmed. We armed it next day, but she was a no show. We kept it going anyway, monitoring it 24/7.

Yesterday, James made a 2nd attempt to lure her, again with Bosco in tow. We told him where she was, and was on the phone with him throughout this process. Team members were spotting on perimeters, in case she’d bolt. This time, James followed our instructions, did everything right, and he had her after about 15min! 😀

Bella is back with James, Nicole & the children, and she’s very happy to be back in her original home. ❤️

She saw her vet immediately, and other than minor issues & some weight loss, she is ok and catching up on much needed sleep!

We wish to sincerely thank property owners who gave us full access. But mostly, we want to acknowledge the incredible ladies who trudged through this with us, who were out at all hours, and who worked seamlessly with us to help this pup:

Brenda, Shannon, Sheryl, Jennifer, and Lynda.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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