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Baskota’s Story

Yet another international rescue dog story, this time from Egypt 🇪🇬 🐕

Baskota (aka Bizzi), was a Street Dog in Egypt for a year before being rescued. Her past is so tragically sad, and explains why her rescuers felt her best chance at a good life was in Canada. Baskota witnessed her mother dog get beaten to death, she had puppies some of which were killed, was run over by a car (hence her leg), and was routinely beaten; this poor girl wouldn’t eat for days, and only come out for food when she felt safe. 😓

She flew in July 20th, was picked up by her adopter, and became lost that same day at a campground up in Seguin (near Parry Sound). We were contacted by Alamal Foundation (Rescue) several days later for assistance. We took on the case.

The area was extremely challenging & full of potential dangers - bears, snakes, cougars, coyotes, fishers..not a great environment for a super skittish dog who’d never stepped foot on grass before, never experienced rain & lightning, and was petrified of humans. We had our work cut out for us.

As expected, sightings rolled in once signage & extensive flyering was done. We tracked her this way, and on foot. She settled on a property, and we attempted trapping; but each time was interrupted by human activity. She was eventually chased out of that spot, her safe zone, by loose dogs who discovered her. So we had to start all over again, and expanded signage.

Baskota was reported seen 12kms from her original missing location. She had run pretty far! Then several days went by without a sighting, until we got a text from a local hunter; he’d seen her through his rifle scope, amidst a large pack of coyotes deep in the bush! Luckily she came back closer to civilization, in a quieter campground/cottage area. This was our chance to try again, and we found an amazing home owner to work with - Don. Don understood exactly what we needed to do, and was very hands on with us. We tried conditioning her to enter our pen, but she wouldn’t go in no matter what we tried. She got used to our presence, and felt comfortable around us, so we tried luring her also. But the sight of any securing device, or the smallest movement sent her scurrying.

We then decided to use our drop net system, but had to condition her first, trying to get her to trust it enough to go for the food underneath it. On evening of Sept 2nd, the net dropped on her, ending her 44 days of hell - we were at her side in 4 seconds flat, calming her down. We took her inside Don’s cottage, to extricate the net, and she was so good about it.

Baskota slept soundly for the first time since her arrival in Canada, with one of our team members by her side. ❤️ She is back into Alamal Foundation’s care, for much needed rehabilitation from the overwhelming experience.

We wish to sincerely thank everyone in Seguin who kept us informed of her movements, and the great folks of Parry Sound & Seguin By-Law for their cooperation. Our biggest thank you goes to Don, who went above & beyond to assist us, gave us full access to his grounds, and even fed us his famous pizza! 🍕😊 You were amazing to work with!

Baskota, take good care, we wish you nothing but the best life possible. ❤️

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