Contact Us

Here are steps to take before contacting us:


🐾 Contact your local shelter to report your animal as “lost” immediately; if after hours, leave a message including your phone number, and call back the next day. 


🐾 Spread the word locally right away to your neighbours, family & friends; post your lost pet on your local Facebook Lost and Found groups or pages, including a picture & area where missing from.


🐾 List your pet on as it’s a national database & free to use; it also creates an automatic flyer, which you can print & distribute immediately. 


🐾 If your pet is microchipped, call the company to report your pet missing. 


🐾 Advise your vet, groomer, pet sitter. 


🐾 If after hours, contact all Emergency Vet Clinics, in case your pet was taken to one of them. 


🐾 Physically search for your pet. 


🐾 If your pet was not located within 24hrs, create large neon bright posters/signs for intersections, to increase local awareness of your missing pet; see our tutorial video here for effective signage: CLICK HERE >.


🐾 Enlist family/friends to assist with posters installation & flyers distribution. 


🐾 If your pet was stolen (actually seen being stolen), immediately contact Police to file a report & take note of occurrence number; provide as much details as possible. 


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