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Search & Recovery

Here for You and for Them

Servicing Dufferin County, Guelph & area, parts of Wellington & Bruce Counties

Our Story

We are a small team of experienced and trained volunteers, dedicated to assisting owners & guardians recover their lost dogs.

Tips & Resources

View our helpful tips, advice and resources on the Tips & Resources page of our website.

Need Help?

Please see the vital initial steps to take and contact information.

We are here to help!


Having your companion dog go missing is one of the loneliest, gut-wrenching and anxiety-laden experiences an owner may find themselves into. The initial steps you take and subsequent actions throughout the search can have a significant impact on the outcome. So it’s very important to understand what might work best for your particular dog and circumstances. While there are commonalities in lost dog cases, every dog has its own unique personality and set of circumstances, therefore a one size fits all approach is never advisable. Please see our helpful tips section to get started immediately, as time is of the essence.


Lucy Rock

100% France knows her stuff and is a PAWS guardian angel!! France gave us hope when things looked hopeless. In the end after 2 weeks in the cold, wintery, coyote wilderness, Jax (our 2 year old boy Boston Terrier/Jack Russell) was found with minimal issues! With the tips and tricks France told us, Jax came running back into our arms!!! xoxo Thank you again France.


Catrina Walsh

I cannot describe the gratitude I have for this team Helena and France know their stuff. Our girl was found safe, cold, but safe. This was a long few days and finally tonight she was secured. I had many moments of lost hope and Helena called me nearly every night and brought me hope and brought me back down to earth. My baby girl is safe xoxo to Aid for Paws

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 8.41.20 PM.png

Philippa Molloy

This group of people are absolutely amazing. There dedication is stedfast and unwavering. Thank you to France and Helena for all there hard work and time.

I would recommend this group to anyone who finds themselves in this situation. No one better.

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